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Updated: Mar 30

I'm almost certain that the thought of motorcycle riding has polluted the day-dreams of most people at some point in their lives. It's quite simple to imagine yourself as Steve Mcqueen or Barry Sheene, darting around your local village, even if you are only popping out for a pint of milk (other imaginary dairy products are available). Sometimes, such is human nature, we give in to these desires, and we at TW have done just that...

Introducing the C11G

Right off the bat, it's worth addressing that the 'King of Cool' himself did infact own a C11, so yes, the Steve Mcqueen fantasies can be lived to their fullest. It's also worth noting that like most of our projects- it's broken. Being a British bike of course, equipped with the finest Lucas electrical system, some gremlins have presented themselves... Nothing that can't be fixed!

"Gone are the days where 'riding to the pub at the end of the road them coming back again' constituted an apt motorcyclist"

Now for a history lesson. The BSA 'Pre-unit C series' was a range of commuter bikes ranging from the C10 to the C12. All models (save the C12 side valve) were fitted with a BSA 250cc engine, making it a entry-level bike, that wasn't too tinny. The brakes, like the C11's design, are suitably pre-war in performance, so stopping from any speed takes longer than it does to get there. This being a later model, means that the bike boasts a set of rear suspension plungers- commuter comfort was clearly top priority!

So what are our plans?

Sadly, being 2021, a bike license is a little more difficult to attain than it was in 1955. Gone are the days where "riding to the pub at the end of the road them coming back again" constituted an apt motorcyclist. Unfortunately, the modern rider must shell out thousands of pounds on the gear and tests, let alone paying for the bike itself. That said, you can't put a price on safety. If our bank accounts weren't drained out by our other classics, they will be by this. Being an old bike and health and safety being a primary concern, our ageing BSA will likely be towed about to shows (spot us at Kop hill!). As for content, stay tuned for a brief Workshop Diaries video where we try to understand the electrical issues of the 1950s!

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